The joys of making and wearing your won jewelry is fun and you have the opportunity to match all your outfits in any design you like. There is a huge variety of beads and accessories that make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pins . Many people compliment on the designs and colors especially when you use crystals with beads.



I like to make my own greeting cards and also give them to my family members as gift packages. I use rubber stamps with colored ink and embossing powder which gives the cards a nice glossy and elegant look. There are many other products to use such as colored pencils, ribbons, brads, stickers that add to the elegant look of the cards. This is a fine homemade card and many people enjoy getting them.


The world of scrap-booking has become a huge hobby for people of all ages, it helps you create your thoughts and photos for your family and friends to view and enjoy. The products that you can use in this day and age are never ending and fabulous in design and appearance. There are thousands of paper colors, designs, patterns, and card-stock.

There are many tools use such as punches, adhesives, colored pencils, pens in metallic, gels, and many more.The opportunities are endless.

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